Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 8 . . .

Lone Survivor

Scouts on a mountaintop looking down

suddenly an old man and a hundred or so

goats later we were found we could either

take him out or leave him when they are friendly

they give information how to know awakening

to a major threat they had axes others had guns

we had no order the old guy told hours later we

were found he could have come with us but what

of the goats we voted to let him go there was no

order a shortage of water a mistake we paid for later

one of the men held up a goat’s head and motioned

a message was sent pretending to slit his own throat

the old guy told our location was sold I fired my rifle

then what to do footfalls the old guy told we had no

order a shortage of water we were shot but I got away

dumb luck night came no order a shortage of water

the next day shot again rocks can be hidden in what of

my buddies scouts on a mountaintop legs plastered

with mud and waiting no water villagers hid me when they

are friendly dumb luck blood covered the mud and dung

Sir I never saw any order.

by Diana Manister

Diana Manister is a New York city poet who has performed her poetry live at such various venues as the punk rock club CBGB and the Lyric Recovery Festival at Carnegie Hall. A Contributing Editor of the online magazine BigCityLit, she is an elected member of the American Branch of the International Critics Association (AICA). Her poetry reviews appear regularly in The Modern Review,,, Small Press Exchange and Artezine. Her poems have been published in reviews and journals and anthologized in Distance From the Tree and The Company We Keep, both from Headwaters Press.

© 2007 Diana Manister