Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 23 . . .


     poem by Jesse Anger

We’re temporarily interred.

The intimate transience of the morning train.

The blood flowing slows in the vein.

Swift reflections take the place of words.

Glancing eyes off silver glass

avert or meet fast-fleeting, in the tube

commuters meld, points commune.

Over intercoms warped commands scratch.

We alight, our faces grave,

stream up stairs and file through silver stiles.

Severed again we dawn thin smiles.

Divided in the wide blue light of day.


Jesse Anger’s writing has most recently appeared in the “Island Mists” Anthology of contemporary Canadian poetry. He is also a songwriter known for his use of symbolism, intense word play and layered meanings within the confines of the song lyric. He currently lives in Montreal where he is a student of English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia University.

Adamo Sacchetti works as a journalist and photographer in Montreal.


© 2011 Jesse Anger & Adamo Sachetti

photo by Adamo Sacchetti