Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 21 . . .

When Jesus Was Grown

     by Gail White

His mother breathed a deep sigh of relief

when he turned 25 and nothing strange

had happened. (Maybe it was all a dream,

that business with the angel).

She might yet manage to arrange a match

with some nice Jewish girl — it was high time —

and then she could relax, look forward to

a few polite grandchildren.

But though he was the finest carpenter

for miles around, had really learned the trade,

and knew and loved the Torah, nonetheless

she had concerns about him.

He seemed too fond of prophecies about

the world turned upside down, and although she

was charitable to a fault, she felt

he loved the poor to excess.

And now there was a prophet drawing crowds,

living on locusts, wearing camel skin.

His preaching was outrageous, and she hoped

her son would never hear it.


Gail White is the author of The Accidental Cynic (a winner of the Anita Dorn Memorial Award for Poetry) and Easy Marks (a nominee for the Poets Prize). She lives in Breaux Bridge, LA. She reads obsessively, and feeds stray cats.


© 2011 Gail White