Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 19 . . .

El Corazon

     poem and painting by Julia Klatt Singer

I will not talk about silence

how in the absence of sound

hollows are formed, small graves

to bury each thought,

every desire.

I will not talk about the moon

how she curls up in the night sky

tugs at the oceans within me,

spills light upon dark avenues.

I will not talk about love, how

it is as clear & fragile

as a dragonfly’s wings, that when

it lands, it leaves its mark, dusty

with pollen.

Instead I will tell you

that it looks like it might snow,

and that when I smell smoke

I want to kiss your hands.


Julia Klatt Singer writes short stories and poems, works as a visiting writer to the school through COMPAS, and is the poet in residence at Grace Neighborhood Nursery School. She is editor of the online journal,, which showcases student writing. Her stories and poems have appeared in over four dozen journals and magazines, including, most recently, the St. Paul Almanac, The Opposite of Cold, and Poetry East. She is co-author of Twelve Branches: Stories from St. Paul, Coffee House Press. She also wrote four poems which were set to music by composer Tim Takach that the Minnesota Boy Choir will perform in their spring concert—a commissioned work through the American Composers Forum. Ms. Singer lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


© 2010 Julia Klatt Singer