Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 17 . . .

Spring Storm

     by Larina Warnock

I will not hurry home tonight; I will not hurry home.

I’ll watch as water jostles into giants building cloud

castles on the horizon and waving shadowed banners

that proclaim the reign of some lost lord. I’ll walk

into the storm until an army of molecules rains

variations of creation on my face.

Larina Warnock's chapbook "Guitar Without Strings" is scheduled for publication in autumn 2010 by The Lives You Touch Publications. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Oregonian, Wheelhouse Magazine (pdf link), PEMMICAN, Touch: The Journal of Healing, Cloudbank, Today's Caregiver, and others. In addition to working for a nonprofit organization and attending graduate school at Saint Xavier University, Larina serves as the volunteer site administrator for the Academy of American Poets' online discussion forum, editor of The Externalist, and president of Writers on the River.

© 2010 Larina Warnock