Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 17 . . .

To A Long Dead Friend

     by Juleigh Howard Hobson

Thanks. I don't know if you can hear people

Where you're at, or if you want to, being

As you've been gone from here for years. But  still . . .

I hope you can, because I've been feeling

That there is some thing that I want to tell you,

About how much having you around meant

To me, and how much I miss you. But who

Knows how to speak to the dead? We repent,

We confess, we pray, we supplicate. We

Don't talk to our dead friends, though, anymore,

So I might be going about this pretty

Much the wrong way, at least style-wise, or

Perhaps it makes no difference? If so,

Well, then, thanks. I just wanted you to know.

Juleigh Howard Hobson is a formalist poet, essayist, and short fiction writer. A former finalist for The Morton Marr Prize, she has had poems nominated for both the Pushcart and the Best of the Net Award. Her poetry has appeared or shall appear in Able Muse, Mezzo Cammin, Mobius, The Lyric, qarrtsiluni, 14 by 14, Soundzine, Umbrella, The Raintown Review, Candelabrum, The Barefoot Muse and scores of other venues.

© 2010 Juleigh Howard Hobson