Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 17 . . .


     by Anna Serio

I, or someone who knows me very well

walked (accidentally) into a

Cathedral of Contemporary Truths.

The nun at the desk knew what I was about:


she shrieked & I stepped back because I hate

when women shriek (I never do).

The screens on the walls played projections

of myself, of my everything &

I started when I felt her behind

me. “They’re real,

you know,” she breathed—Oh I know.

Her habit was some kind of

black-on-black & (lo!) I remembered

the darkness of my

pants my shirt my closet,

that collection of negative light.

holy mother!

her face could have said

“welcome to your context”

So, we sat

adjacent to the altar (which was full

of moving air) &

watched, indefinitely, because

what else is there

to do?

Anna Serio lives in New York City and has been published in Ascent Aspirations and Local Knowledge. She is currently studying Arabic at Hunter College and working on a novel.

© 2010 Anna Serio