Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 16 . . .

3:15 A.M. in a Florida Condo

     by William Aarnes

If yesterday hadn’t exhausted her,
she’d be awake, explaining to her husband

that, eerily as those spiders squirm in
from beneath the kitchen door,

they’re just pharmaceutical.
She’d coax him back to her side.

But she didn’t feel the bed stir
at 12:30.  And now he’s still

on guard, eyes on the stippled tiles.
He knows it’d be more surefire

to get down on hands and knees
and slap the elusive specks

with his slipper.  But he needs
to keep quiet, so with her broom

he’s sweeping them back,
fending off any creepy dart

down the hall to the bedroom,
marking certain nothing furtive

disturbs her sleep.

William Aarnes teaches at Furman University. He has published two collections of poems: Learning to Dance and Predicaments, both published by Ninety-Six Press.

© 2010 William Aarnes