Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 15 . . .

The House Servant

     poem by J.L. Glenn

aye, how she temps the soul, and commands one to devour
themselves into a cloud of authenticity—obliged to turn away
from counterfeit conquests, only to entertain her nectar, which
rest unfamiliar, and unconquered by lad or lass—

merry soul, she the unachievable graces one’s presence
with a simple gesture identified: a beam in gratitude
for the contentment prearranged by her spirit, without
verbal interactions or flesh exchanges—

the light that backdrops the moon has not the grandeur
she processes when she captures one’s spirit with
that common phrase: luminary ember;  swiftly conceded,
by way of obedience-direct fondness to her end—

enslaved by her essence, and quite reluctant to have
ever noticed another, for tis not mine eyes that sought
devotion in the others, it was some pessimistic vigor, an
foreigner that hides inside, in order to thwart one’s heart
from being fulfilled—

A Murmur to Mam’Zelle

     art by J.L. Glenn & K.S. Bartow

J.L Glenn was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia.  She has always expressed a love for art, and within the past two years, she started experimenting with watercolor and later diving into acrylics. Her second collection of poetry, "The Private Box (Chronicles of Women)," was released October 2009 and is available online at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. She lives in the Washington, DC area, where she is working on her next collection of poetry and short stories. "Art & Poetry are a language, and it is a privilege when you begin to understand them; even a little." 

K.S. Bartow was born and raised in Zionsville, Pennsylvania, and while she has been sketching throughout her life, she only began painting five years ago, first experimenting with watercolors, and only recently delving into acrylics and oils. Her work centers primarily around spiritual themes, dream images, nature and the beauty of the human body.

© 2009 J.L. Glenn & K.S. Bartow