Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 15 . . .

Magritte Serves Up the Sun

     poem by Donna Vorreyer
     after René Magritte’s “The Banquet” 1958. Oil on canvas. Art Institute of Chicago®. Chicago, Illinois.

We cannot see the fine linens,
the glasses of wine, the crystal.
We have been called to a feast,

but there is no food. We have
waited for hours. Then the sun
sails toward us through the trees,

a perfect orange wafer of light,
hovering now below the branches,
floating low, a silver tray waiting

to cradle its fire. We applaud.
To call the sun from the evening
sky is no small feat. A bold host

to lay such strokes, to summon
not just light but the source of light
to humble itself, to feed our darkness.

Donna Vorreyer lives and writes in the Chicago area where she spends her days trying to convince teenagers that words matter. Her poems have appeared in many journals, including The New York Quarterly, Boxcar Poetry Review, DMQ Review, and Literary Mama. Visit her online at

© 2009 Donna Vorreyer