Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 14 . . .

Love Poem for R.R.

     by James S. Wilk

I have Wile E. Coyoted you
so resolutely, so doggedly,
that in a second or two
I’ll notice my Acme® jet-pack

is spent and my skates are rolling
ungrounded. Instantly, physics
will take over, flinging me,
your Hard-headipus ravenus,

arrow-straight down the canyon
to the weeeeeeoooww of a slide
whistle, a dot turned to dust
with a thud, only to extricate

my carcass from a coyote-shaped
crater, straighten my accordion
snout, pluck cactus from my ass,
and chase you all over again.

James S. Wilk is a physician in Denver, Colorado, specializing in internal medicine and medical disorders complicating pregnancy. His poems have appeared in Measure, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, The Salt Flats Annual, The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, The Raintown Review, The Barefoot Muse, and others. His chapbook, Shoulders, Fibs, and Lies, is available through Pudding House Press.

© 2009 James S. Wilk