Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 13 . . .

Faith Watson has been writing all her life, both for money and for love, but has only recent started submitting poetry (for love, though she is not opposed to money were it to be forthcoming). She was formerly a marketing copywriter, and is currently an alternative fitness studio owner, and is continually inspired. All this has led to publication of non-fiction business text in various trade journals, poetry in The Straitjackets Magazine, creative writing articles at, and a blog on wellness called Be Well. She's been blessed with willing readers and is grateful for each one of you.

Year of the Four Farewells

     by Faith Watson

empty nest

a duck on the pond

counts to six

behind fireflies

her feet will stay

green until morning

leaves drop heavy

through cold mist

pasting walks and windows

ice on the train tracks

surrounded by suits

and no one he loves

© 2009 Faith Watson