Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 13 . . .

Born in Europe, raised in Africa, Dennis Greene has spent the last twenty-six years in Australia. His work has been published both on and off line.

Birth Song

     by Dennis Greene

Somewhere beyond the reach of memory

and wet with life and heat and sweat and sex,

he touched the moon’s dark deep fallopian tubes,

and shaped them with his love and thrusting hips;

and I became and fell through to the womb,

and through the womb into the blood-bright day

a puling mewling puking bloody mess

with Tuesday’s grace, and blood dried on my face.

And all that leaves to talk about is life

the cleaning up, the sending on your way

the going left and right and wrong and straight,

the shapes within the shapes within the shape.

This is the legend of my birth, my life,

I learnt it—and then taught myself belief.

© 2009 Dennis Greene