Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 12 . . .

Paul Stevens was born in Yorkshire, England but lives in Australia. He has an Honours degree in English and teaches literature. He has published poems and prose in print and pixel, most recently in Shakespeare's Monkey Revue, The Literary Bohemian, Soundzine, Mannequin Envy, qarrtsiluni, The Barefoot Muse, London Poetry Review, and Umbrella.

The Allotropes

     by Paul Stevens

First love is justly praised;
   Last love has beauties too,
Here at the end of days:
   Antique me, new-minted you,

Our times untuned, our fates
   Quite unaligned – yet we,
Disjunct, together make
   A disparate unity

Of opposites, where time
   And space are playthings of
Your musing eyes, which dream
   Us: allotropes of love.

© 2009 Paul Stevens