Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 11 . . .

Gabriel FyK currently attends Reed College in Portland,

Oregon, though he hails from Hood, Maryland. He draws

most of his inspiration from the World/Inferno

Friendship Society, Lil' Wayne, and the Ecstasy of St.

Teresa by Bernini.  He greatly appreciates everyone.

The Ballad of Taking Off Your Jacket

     by Gabriel FyK

A struggle, shiver, snow,
a flake and a caress
from cold could penetrate
my skin just so to smoke
out all i hold. A dock,
a cut, guerrillas

fight, guerillas
kill and die and you shiver in snow,
like me, yet docks
like ours deny. To just caress,
just once undress, to smell you, not the smoke,
to love and never penetrate,

to simply leave unbroke. To penetrate
the forests thick, gorillas
know success, for smoke
and snow
they rightly fear, for they know death’s caress.
A peaceful place, a pier, a dock

appears a dock
to me, with you, i did not penetrate
but wished to touch your cheek. To just caress,
just once undress, to hear guerillas
sigh, to shiver for you in the snow,
breathe smoke

for you and i. i’ll burn my bridges, breathe their smoke
for one night at your dock,
our only touches, innocent, at peace to merely talk. i felt the snow
at our first touch, the penetration
clear, guerrillas
did not die in vain, if they have brought us here. To just caress,

just once caress
to smell you, not the smoke,
to let guerillas
die in peace, to fix where we are broke. My dock
is welcome, open, warm, penetrated
by you as snow

has passed guerillas will take with them all they knew. So smoke
will be my dying breath and snow my dying shiver, and on my mind
    will be your dock
and soon my eyes will quiver. For we never penetrated
but enjoyed just
    one caress.

© 2008 Gabriel FyK