Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 11 . . .

C. E. Chaffin has never been published in Poetry, Ploughshares or The Paris Review, though he has appeared in other journals that start with 'P': The Pedestal Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer Book Review, Plum Ruby Review, Poetry Tonight, Poetry SZ, Poetry Magazine, Poets' Canvas, Poetry Superhighway, Poetry Cafe, Poetry Exchange, and PIF. If he listed credits for more letters this would be an insufferable bio. A retired family physician, C.E. lives in Northern California with his wife and editor, Kathleen, two cats and a dog. He considers himself a Classicist in art, a Lutheran in religion and a Libertarian in politics. Shoe size: same as mouth. For more of his work simply google “C. E. Chaffin.”

To Charles Bukowski previously appeared in The Alaska Quarterly Review and Pif.

To Charles Bukowski

     by C.E. Chaffin

Your shadow follows me

like an oil smear on asphalt.

I carry your shrunken head in a paper bag.

No one mistakes it for wine.

The factory label reads:

"Do not cut threads between lips."

After 45 fucking books and a funeral

it's still not safe

because you took democracy too far.

Now anyone with a spray can

thinks he's a poet--

just look at our streets.

© 2008 C.E. Chaffin