Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 11 . . .

Allen Weber resides in Hampton, Virginia with his wife and their three sons. His poetry has appeared in several journals, A Prairie Home Companion’s First Person series, and most recently in the anthology Skipping Stones. Allen placed first in the January, 2008 InterBoard Poetry Contest.


     by Allen Weber

Atop this red-rocked shelf—Lucidity—
with no jutting branch for a craven change
of mind, the impact promises to be famous—

a one-time splash while zombies line the edge
to gawp. Instead I’ll tumble back like balsa
on a whitecap; it’s expected to be so spurned,

to be ordinary—I don’t much care for it:
Nothing happens here that begs description.
But really, I don’t like to complain.

© 2008 Allen Weber