Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 10 . . .

John Byrne is a retired lawyer and administrative law judge who lives in Albany, Oregon.  He writes short stories and sonnets, some of which have been published in regional magazines that have gone out of business for reasons other than his submissions.

We Should Be Dignified

     by John Byrne

We should be dignified, austere, and act

Our age which added each to each would be

A century; we should accept the fact

That fumbling throes of hasty love that we

Once shared are past.  And we should also brush

Three times a day and be polite despite

The silly things that others say; nor rush

But move in stately ways and shut the lights

Each time and other stuff, we should, we should.

But when I bring the morning tea and you

Are steamy shower naked looking good,

Your looks can shoo away the s’posed-to-do

And I’ve no choice but let the tea grow cold

Forgetting that we really are too old.

© 2008 John Byrne