Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 10 . . .
Editor’s Note  . . . June 2008 . . .

Summer has come to my part of the world. The weather has been beautiful and the forest outside my house is filled with birds and deer and other wildlife. I don’t usually choose poems for Autumn Sky Poetry according to the season (at least not consciously), but this time I received so many poems that seem to deal with life and the world that I couldn’t help but pick poems that somehow fit together, poems that fit the idea of summer. Not all of them specifically mention the environment or the weather, but in some small way, each poem is a reflection of life in our landscape: both the inner spaces and the outside places. I hope you enjoy them.

It's all about the poetry.
—Sincerely yours,

Christine Klocek-Lim, Editor


We are interested in both formal and free-verse.

Submit no more than four poems in the body of an email to: If more than four poems are present, the submission will be rejected.

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Do not submit poems longer than 70 lines.

After submitting, you will hear from us the during the last week before the next issue is due to go live on the web. In other words, if you submit in April, you will receive a response the last week of May (before the June issue). If you submit in June, you will receive a response the last week of August (before the September issue).

We consider work that has appeared elsewhere, either in print or on the web.

We accept simultaneous submissions with notification.

We do not accept responsibility for lost or damaged submissions.

Do not submit more than once every six months.

There is no payment for contributors at this time.

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Reading poetry is a pleasure for which too few of us have the time to spare. My aim, as editor, is to make poetry as accessible as possible: simple pages, simple formatting, exquisite poetry.

Autumn Sky Poetry publishes four issues per year. Every issue contains ten poems by ten different poets. Each poem is one that caught my eye, held my attention, said something profound. The poets may hail from all across our lovely planet and their poems may speak in many different voices, but each one is worth savoring.