Autumn Sky Poetry . . . Number 6 . . .

Attacking a Boxwood

By a climbing rose, it has seen
maybe thirty years of storms
and gooseberries. We plot

death, want the space it sprawls on
for flowers—I open loppers, cut,
crazily, for a good half hour
till it’s barely a stump.
But not dead.

You rev the chain saw.
Even the stump must go.

Branches, how green they are.

Our shirts smell of death.
Partners in life
and now in a killing,

we drop boxwood pieces
into the compost heap,
sneak in the back door, silent.



Kenneth Pobo

Kenneth Pobo's book, Glass Garden, will be published by WordTech Press in July 2008. His work can be read online at:, Adirondack Review, Idlewheel, Hinge, Three Candles, and elsewhere. He likes to collect records from the 60s and garden. Catch his radio show, "Obscure Oldies," on Saturdays from 6-8pm EST at



© 2007 Kenneth Pobo