Autumn Sky Poetry - Number 2

Editor's Note - June 2006

After reading so many great poems in anticipation of this next issue, I began to understand that poetry is not just about the personal. Instead, like all great art, it can teach us about the moments when our sense of humanity fails, and when that sense is most needed. It can show us how both dignity and courage rise from the most desperate of circumstances.

With that in mind, I picked poems that deal with the broad implications of war and peace in the world, as well as quiet ones that speak of the personal tribulations many of us endure on an intimate level. War and peace, life and death, love and hatred, are part of who we are, part of what makes us human.

I believe the poems in this issue can show us how these concepts shape our sense of self. Read them a few times. Enjoy them. And remember:

It's all about the poetry.
—Sincerely yours,

Christine Klocek-Lim, Editor


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