Autumn Sky Poetry - Number 2


I have lost you in the clutter
of such ordinary things: bones
picked clean, piled neatly
in the November sun,
pennies recounted like thoughts
on the kitchen counter,
the flutter of electric bulbs
across continents.

I can recall the exact
colour of your eyes, the taste
of your breath, the lope of your stride
and feel my heart
beat whole and strong and separate
as though you never were.



Ayesha Chatterjee

Ayesha Chatterjee was born and raised in Calcutta, India. She has a BA degree in English and German from Smith College and now lives in Germany with her husband and their black cat. The online magazine nth position published one of her poems in September 2005 and she's had two poems shortlisted in the Guardian's Poetry Workshops (October 2004 and April 2005).


© 2006 Ayesha Chatterjee