Autumn Sky Poetry - Number 2

Summa Summarum

the sum of sums
is that we can never give
more than we take

that autumn will tumble into spring
without winter being noticed

loneliness becomes a need to escape the crowds

and even the brightest of sunrises
inevitably turns into falling sunsets
holding on with its burgeoning embers



Aurora Antonovic

Aurora Antonovic is a Canadian writer, editor, and visual artist whose work has appeared over two thousand times in publications spanning twelve countries and five continents. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and editor of A Little Archive of Poetry, a publication that seeks to promote appreciation of verse in every form.


"Summa Summarum" received a Pushcart Prize nomination from Poetic Diversity in 2005 and was previously published in Adagio Verse Quarterly, as well as Poetic Diversity.


© 2006 Aurora Antonovic