Autumn Sky Poetry - Number 1

"Upon Waking to Find a Sparrow Loose in My Room"

I dreamed again the ghost of you.
I dreamed again the folds and the heat
of you sudden in my sleep, I dreamed you wet

against the salt of my want. This is a thing a dream,
a muse, becomes: a flutter whispering about
the dust of the drape, a shadow tangling

must webs in high, hard corners,
the flit, the rasp, of wings tattering
against the pane, against the false, baring light.

I pen you to the sheets, your song
against the dark of my palm; this
is a thing a dream, a poem becomes.



J. Brian Long

Though born in South Carolina and, as a child, having taken up residence for extended periods of time in both Florida and Texas, J. Brian Long, author of a collection of poems entitled The Singing of the Wheels (Wind Publications, 2004) has spent most of his life in eastern Tennessee. A small business owner by trade, he also served on the board of directors for the Knoxville Writer’s Guild and edits the poetry section of The Christian Guide. He is the proud father of two sons, Nat and Tad, and keeps house with his life’s love, Merrie, to whom he has been wed since 1988.

Among other things, he enjoys traveling, tennis, and sitting on his porch swing with pen and paper in hand. J. Brian began writing in earnest in 1992, and has spent a great deal of effort since then honing his craft through independent study and flagrant imitation of poets he most admires, such as Sandburg, Naomi Nye, Jill Alexander Essbaum, MacLeish, and Peter Ackroyd, and has come to his first book as a result of the careful critique and guidance given him by others more wise and experienced than he. Though his work has appeared in various magazines and literary journals and has now found a home with Wind Publications, he is not at all satisfied with his poetry, and, in fact, does not consider a single piece he has written as being “done”. He admits to a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to his own poems, and even more so to those written by others, but holds to the belief that he will one day “write words that shake the earth.” In the meantime, though, he attempts going about it one poem, one reader, at a time.


© 2006 J. Brian Long