Autumn Sky Poetry - Number 1

An Ordinary Tale of Loss

She doesn’t believe in myth, her faith falters, the crucifix oozes with death,
no comfort from it. She doesn’t live nor does she die, sits on his chair, feels
her face pale or blush. A cormorant shrieks, the shriek makes a hole
in the window pane, in her skull. The ocean slaps bones and his corpse
out its belly. She has walked through years like ages: the stone, the bronze,
the iron, then iron ore, then lack of grass from the shaven ground. She has talked

through years, argued temptations, overcome mourning and anger,
not love though, over loved, didn’t shun. She tells her tale to guests when they come
and put in a night, talks counting the bulges on the wallpaper,
an assessment of the eye, counts the nights, his laughter,
the accumulation of words till movements lose the name
of action, their yesterdays slow down, stop.

The shriek deepens in the skull, the sharpness strips her; memories clutter
and fall on water-books, scatter around the chestnut tree, her legless chair.



Paula Grenside

Paula Grenside (an alias for Lori Marchesin Boer) lives and works in Italy, near Venice. Her publications in Italian include two collections of poetry, a collection of short stories, and a short novel. Her poetry in English has been published in several print and online journals: Taint, Samsara, Maelstrom, SpringGazette, Bonfire, BlueFifth Review, Vestal Review, Literary Salt, and others; and two chapbooks were released in 2001: Skin Leaves and Scratches On The Windowpane. She is the Poetry and Art Editor at Avatar Review.

Recently her photographs and digital art works have appeared in: Pedestal Magazine, Niedergasse, and BlueFifth Review.

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© 2006 Paula Grenside